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Privacy Screen Filter

Kensington privacy filters reduce the risk of exposing sensitive and valuable information to unwanted viewers. Whether on the move or in the office, there is no need to change your usual working position to protect your data from prying eyes. Work without disruption with a Kensington Privacy Screen Filter.

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Data Protection

Data Protection

Privacy filters are an important part of an organisation's physical security policy, particularly in regard to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A privacy filter as a visual protection measure is an indispensable security tool to protect confidential data belonging to the company or personal data that's being viewed by an employee.
*Privacy filters support GDPR compliance

Privacy Screen Filter Selector

Privacy Screen Filter - An Essential Security Tool

As mobile working becomes more popular and the use of high-definition screens increases, so does the risk that confidential data
may be exposed to unathorised onlookers. A covert experiment* in various work environments revealed the following results.

Visual hacking is easy

In 9/10 cases,
confidential data was accessed

Computer screens are at risk

More than half of the attacks result
from the lack of screen protection.

It often goes unnoticed

The hacker was not challenged in over
two out of three attempts

* Visual Hacking Experiment, Ponemon Institute, 2016

Privacy Screen Filter Selector

The benefits of a Privacy Filter

Limited viewing angle

Easy attachement

Blue light filter

Touchscreen Compatible


Effective screen protection

The professional's choice for Privacy Filters





All-in-one PC's

2-in-1 Hybrid


Product Portfolio

Our range includes more than 150 products and supports over 52.000 devices from different manufacturers, models and device types.

Premium Quality

Kensington has built its reputation on creating product solutions that are tested, proven and reliable.

New Products and Bespoke Designs

We can react to market developments and niche requirements very quickly, manufacturing new filter designs on request.

Bid Support

For public tenders and large bids we can offer extended support and work with end users to create a winning package.

Types of Privacy Screen Filter

2-Way Privacy Screen Filter

Basic Privacy Screen protection

2-way filters limit side-to-side vision to ±30°

4-Way Privacy Screen Filter

360° Privacy Screen protection

4-way filter limits side-to-side and up/down vision to ±30° each

direct to screen adhesive