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Desktops and Workstations

Desktop computers are still the go to device when you need computer power on your desk at your home or at the office. To fit everybody's needs desktop computers come in various sizes and configurations, going from Small Form Factor (SFF), over Mini/Micro Tower (MT/µT), Convertible Mini Tower (CMT) to full blown towers.

At Redcorp you can find simple computers for internet browsing and email handling at home or small office, or more powerful long lasting desktop computers with the latest technology for the office.

If a standard model doesn't fit your needs, we offer the HP Configurator online for whenever you need a CAD/CAM workstation, a desktop publishing or an Adobe Photoshop ® power system. We can do the same off line for Lenovo, Dell or Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

On our website you'll find all the top brands like Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Fujitsu Technology Solutions and of course Lenovo.

Check back regularly for our promotions; we'll post them the minute they come available.